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Take Away Box – Professional food packaging from Wyatt & Ackerman

Take away boxes are essential to the restaurants, take away’s and food establishments that require packaging for their food. Your business could either be trading with popular delivery services like Deliveroo or Just Eat, making the need for reliable and robust packaging even more important. Take away box solutions from Wyatt & Ackerman are ideal for all uses as they are affordable & built with usability in mind.

Take Away BoxWe have a huge range of take away box solutions, from bio deli boxes that are biodegradable to traditional foil take away packaging. We can offer any type or style of packaging you require! If your business falls under a more ethical style of branding & packaging then we can offer everything from biodegradable boxes, cutlery and even clear bio boxes that have become very popular with modern food establishments.

Our range of food packaging:

Our extended range of food packaging includes a lot of recyclable/biodegradable products that are suitable for all types of food establishments. From your Chinese or Indian takeaway to your food stand, food truck or even a local deli, our take away boxes are suitable for everyone! We work with suppliers who are able to provide biodegradable burger boxes, takeaway boxes, salad pots as well as compostable food cartons making your food packaging solution incredibly environmentally friendly!

Any restaurant/takeaway owner knows how much packaging they go through even on a steady day of business, so it’s important that we remain focused on trying to keep our use of materials low, or at the very least making sure we use biodegradable materials so that we aren’t affecting the environment any more than we have to.

Biodegradable Packaging:

These days, your take away box packaging needs to match the food it’s trying to protect since packaging says a lot about a business/restaurant when it’s used to store and sell food. Shabby & unconsidered packaging is very clear to see when a customer purchases your food so when it comes to take away boxes, some thought and research is always advised. Finding the right type of take away box is also a good plan since you don’t want to be wasting time & money buying the wrong type of box, only to find out that that type isn’t suitable for some reason (too small/too large etc.)

When it comes to take away box choices, there are always things you should consider when you are deciding on the packaging you would like. From disposal needs to storage, we have something for everybody regardless of their needs. We aim to ensure that there is a take away box solution for anybody and everybody. We are able to suit everybody’s needs since we are able to stock an extensive range of innovative food packaging solutions. Whether you’re trying to find the packaging to suit your take away box needs or just need take away box solutions for your catering business, our packaging is one of the best you can buy! Our take away box range is suitable for all forms of delivery, storage as well as the general distribution if you are running a take away business. We can also help you if you need branded take away box solutions since we specialise in all forms of food packaging whether it’s plain or branded. We have numerous designers & suppliers that can help you devise the perfect take away box for your take away!

Why Wyatt & Ackerman?

We have a great selection of materials for your take away box options, from biodegradable papers, which are ideal for a lot of take away foods and sandwiches. These are a great environmentally conscious solution for food packaging as the paper/cardboard can degrade. We also offer polystyrene solutions for things that need to hold hot food or soups, which need to also hold some form of liquid. These are ideal for meals with soup or a lot of sauce. We have numerous clients that are ordering take away boxes for Chinese takeaways as well as Indian takeaways so this gives you an idea of how people are using our take away box service.

All of our products are checked and assured for quality, as we take pride in the products we offer to you, our client. We want our relationship with our clients to be as strong as the product we sell so we’re adamant to supply top quality take away boxes at affordable prices!

If you’re thinking about finding a new supplier of take away box for your takeaway, restaurant, food stand or food truck then Wyatt & Ackerman Ltd! We are based in Bristol but are able to provide quality food packaging anywhere across the United Kingdom. We have an impressive portfolio of packaging clients from large pub chains to a plethora of independent food establishments producing amazing food from the corners of the globe. If you would like more information to enquire through our contact form or call our office on 0117 966 1675 to speak to one of our advisors! We also feature content on our website so for more information about our take away box service visit our site today!


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