Branded Carrier Bags

26 November 2015, Published by

Branded Bags For Your Business By Wyatt & Ackerman Many people when they consider increasing brand awareness consider things like billboard advertising, and if the budget is big enough, radioing or even TV. However, these are all large-scale advertising, and not every business has the budget to do these things. This is where small-scale tactics are employed which has been... View Article

Bespoke Packaging Bristol

17 November 2015, Published by

Custom packaging Bristol By Wyatt & Ackerman Trying to make yourself or your company standout in a competitive market is incredibly difficult where every market is saturated. It’s incredibly difficult to make something truly new that’s going to appeal to a larger audience you want to market to. Bespoke packaging can be a step in the right direction to a... View Article

Development of the Plastic Carrier Bag

14 October 2015, Published by

The Development of the Plastic Carrier Bag By Wyatt & Ackerman Both American and European patent applications regarding the production of plastic shopping bags can be found from the early 1950’s. However these represent a much different design we are now used to, as these patents were for a design that required handles, much like some “Bags For Life’ as they... View Article

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