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Wyatt and Ackerman believe that good food deserves good packaging which is why we offer custom branded food packaging for your business. In today’s fast-moving and image-saturated society, it’s incredibly important that your brand is visible to both your current and potential customer base. It’s a shame, but the truth is yesterday’s newspaper is no longer acceptable for your take-away packaging. Wyatt and Ackerman are here to help you enhance your brand with personalised and branded takeaway packaging. Walking down your local high street, it’s easy to see when people have purchased from the multinational chains, because their branded packaging is clearly visible, so it’s time that you joined their ranks and become recognised for the high-quality food you offer. At Wyatt and Ackerman, we have years of experience in creating branded and personalised food packaging and are here to guide and advise you through the branded food packaging process, creating personalised takeaway boxes that are instantly recognisable. 

Whether you need bags, boxes, cups or trays, Wyatt and Ackerman can provide what you need in a range of colours, styles, and sizes and will work closely together to make your brand stand out. 

If you are a new business or are looking for a branding change, then Wyatt and Ackerman are here to offer any advice regarding branding and personalisation, and our customer care team and expert technicians are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the personalisation process. With our help, your branded packaging will help your business grow, regardless of what your business specialises in. 

Please contact Wyatt and Ackerman today for a quote or any information about our fantastic personalised and branded food packaging options.

Our Take-Away Specific Products Sizes Are As Follows:

1. – 305mm x 150mm x 50mm (ex. Large Rectangular)       2. – 250mm x 195mm x 50 (ex. Large Square)
3. – 305mm x 125mm x 50mm (Large Rectangular)             4. – 250mm x 170mm x 50mm (Large Square)
5. – 260mm x 125mm x 50mm (Medium 1)                           6. – 250mm – 170mm x 50mm (Open Tray)
7. – 235mm x 125mm x 50mm (Medium 2)                           8. – 140mm x 125mm x 65mm (Small)

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