How to Keep Your Fast Food Business More Sustainable in The New Year

How to Keep Your Fast Food Business More Sustainable in The New Year

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How to Keep Your Fast Food Business More Sustainable in 2020

Happy new year from everybody at Wyatt and Ackerman! We hope that the new year brings you all happiness, prosperity, and a positive fresh start. The new year is a time for us to better ourselves by starting a new lifestyle by leaving behind things in their lives that made a negative impact and also starting things in our lives that make a positive impact. This is why many people in the new year start the gym, eat healthier food, start a new sport or career path. It is also why many people quit smoking, resign from a job that was making them unhappy, or take part in the modern tradition, Dry January. Dry January is a modern tradition where people refrain from drinking alcohol for an entire month to make themselves feel better or to save money. Besides bettering yourself, January is a fantastic month to make positive changes to your business. In this day and age, we are moving towards a greener future to prevent climate change, and pretty much all businesses now have to adapt to function greener. In this blog, we focus on how to make your business more sustainable in the new year, focusing on fast food business. 

Abolish Polystyrene

All food from fast food outlets has to come in packaging. This is because fast food is generally hot, greasy, and it would be highly unhygienic for fast food to be given without any packaging. Around the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, fast food, especially burgers, are handed out in polystyrene boxes, which are placed in non-recycling bins or even thrown on the floor. These non-branded boxes are also usually handed out at all-night takeaways to people after having a night out and too much to drink, meaning they are likely to even throw them on the floor. Polystyrene is so common in takeaways because of how common it is, however, it is extremely damaging to the environment and unsustainable. In 2020, takeaway food businesses should look towards abolishing polystyrene. This is because polystyrene has an extremely negative impact on the environment. Even though it may seem harmless, polystyrene can actually actually cause damage to the skin, eye irritation, and other problems. Besides the effects on the human body, polystyrene is also non-biodegradable and appears to last forever. This means it will not quickly decompose and will cause landfills to increase. It has also been proven that polystyrene can cause air pollution during its creation. As polystyrene is produced in mass, it can have an extremely damaging effect on the environment. This year, why not switch from polystyrene to cardboard boxes? Cardboard can be recycled much easier and is also more sustainable to make. People are also much more aware that cardboard can be recycled and will place their waste in recycling bins instead of placing their waste in regular bins. In the new year, why not switch from a using polystyrene to cardboard?

Did you know there are shop chains are also now supplying food without packaging? This is so that the need for packaging is completely abolished. For people to collect their food, they are required to bring in their own tupperware and fill them up with the food they wish to purchase. If switching to cardboard isn’t a worthy alternative, then why not try supplying no packaging at all? Advising your customers to bring their own Tupperware is a fantastic way of becoming more sustainable, additionally to bring more publicity to your business. Making customers bring their own Tupperware is a fantastic way of making people curious about your business. 

No More Plastic Cutlery 

Plastic pollution is one of the largest environments problems that our world is currently facing. The overuse of plastic has caused our oceans, lakes and rivers to be flooded with plastic waste, causing pollution and seriously affecting marine life. Plastic is also causing our landfills to become overloaded, which is destroying natural landscapes. Due to this, many restaurants have abandoned plastic cutlery. Plastic cutlery is useful, however, it can contribute to plastic pollution when it is placed in a regular bin. It can also easily be broken with improper use, causing people to use more than one set, contributing to more plastic being thrown away, which can slowly contribute to plastic pollution. This year, why not invest in reusable cutlery or wooden cutlery? This way, you’ll make a significant impact on reducing plastic pollution. By offering plastic cutlery daily to your customers, it will create a significant increase in the amount of plastic that your restaurant is producing. Wooden cutlery is biodegradable and will have barely any negative effect on the environment. Reusable cutlery will also prevent all waste being produced at all. In 2020, its the year to increase your restaurant’s sustainability by reducing your business waste production.

Bye Plastic Straws

Everyone is guilty of getting frustrated with plastic straws, however, plastic straws are also extremely damaging to the environment like plastic cutlery. It is highly important that in 2020, all restaurants switch from plastic straws to paper straws. Although it is highly frustrating when paper straws get soggy or might not work as well as plastic straws, paper straws are much more beneficial to the environment than plastic straws as they will degrade. Plastic straws will not degrade and are a major cause of plastic pollution. 

Food Packaging UK

Wyatt and Ackerman offer a wide range of food packaging for your catering business including branded takeaway food packaging, and takeaway boxes and fish and chip boxes in Bristol, additionally to branded packaging and carrier bags for other retail sectors, such as local grocery shopping, clothes retail and much more. If you are looking to reimagine the face of your brand in the new year and dominate your competition, choose Wyatt and Ackerman for all personalised sustainable food packaging. Our expert team will carefully listen to your businesses requirement and goals for the new year then find the ideal solution for you. Call today to enquire or for more information regarding our wide range of packaging products. 

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