Food Packaging Wolverhampton

Food Packaging Wolverhampton

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Food Packaging Wolverhampton

With the New Year beginning, we’re taking a look at new trends that are developing. It’s our attention to new trends that make us one of the leading packaging providers in the UK, making sure we don’t miss a trend in 2018! With Wyatt & Ackerman, you are guarenteed top quality food packaging for your business. Visit our website for more informatin about our Food Packaging Wolverhampton service.


Wyatt & Ackerman try to develop new ways of creating affordable packaging that suits clients requirements to the letter. Becuase of our mindset, we need to make sure we’re on trend with the latest and greatest in packaging. This is true for all types of packaging, but especially food packaging since it’s used in such high amounts. Whether it’s the latest in cardboard boxes for fast food chains or biodegradable boxes for health food shops, food packaging is something we can’t miss a beat on!

If you’d like to stay up to date in 2018 then you should consider how packaging trends are developing since there are new styles and products being released that are going to impact all industry’s.

Clear Labeling & Branding – Food Packaging Wolverhampton

With consumers becoming more educated about their own choices to purchase products, making sure your packaging is executed correctly has never been more important. If there is any branding either through print or labels on your food packaging, you should make the information easy to read and informative rather than a slew of marketing jargon. Consumers can see straight through this, so make your packaging as easy to understand as the product is!

Ethical Packaging – Food Packaging Wolverhampton

The world has really acknowledged the impact that waste has on our environment, and has taken onboard many means of stopping and reducing the waste we produce. This has a direct effect on packaging since it’s packaging for food & products that gets discarded into landfills & oceans which pollutes the environment.

Re-usable packaging is a big trend that continues to grow in popularity as it extends the life of packaging making it much more useful. One term use packaging is a huge waste factor since it’s disposed of so easily.

Re-sealable packaging is also great for those who are packaging items in bulk, for example, coffee beans who would like to offer a closable box or bag so that users are able to do much more with the product. This creates multiple functions with the packaging which helps make the packaging much more useful.

Eco-Friendly Packaging – Food Packaging Wolverhampton

When we think about consumers, we think about how they react to certain business practices, and how they are going to view and use our products. Most consumers now are concerned with the ethical practices of the businesses they support so when it comes down to details, everything counts when a business is trying to make a good impression on its consumers. This is where ethical packaging comes into play since things like recycled packaging give connotations of caring about the effect you’re causing on the environment.

Recycled packaging isn’t new by any means, with paper boxes being the original recycled packaging. It’s just that in this millennium, it’s much more noticeable when a company does use recycled products to package their food etc.

Biodegradable Packaging – Food Packaging Wolverhampton

With so many recent news stories about climate change and rising levels of pollution in our land, air and sea, it’s becoming increasingly important to reduce the number of harmful materials we are using every day. Our sea’s and oceans are becoming littered with all types of plastic packaging, which is then gradually broken down into microplastics, ruining eco-systems within the ocean. With pollution levels rising exponentially, it’s become paramount that we reduce the number of plastics we are actually using. This is why we have seen a trend with biodegradable packaging like bio-boxes which use a biodegradable type of plastic which is very popular with food chains. We as a society need to start looking at different materials for packaging to reduce the number of unrecyclable plastics we’re using. This is the only way that we can push for new alternatives that are much more environmentally friendly.

Are you in need of quality food packaging in the UK?

If you’re a business owner in 2018 and looking for quality food packaging, then call our team on 0117 966 1675 for more information on our Food Packaging Wolverhampton service and our food packaging service to the entirety of the United Kingdom. Our professionals spend time with you to devise the best types and style of food packaging.


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