Food Packaging Leeds

Food Packaging Leeds

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Food Packaging Leeds

Branding, especially on food packaging is extremely important in the catering business for any restaurant. Custom packaging not only increases the professionalism of your business, it also can also generate business due to the word of mouth that will come with your new design. If you are a takeaway and require branded Food Packaging Leeds then look no further than Wyatt & Ackerman. Call: 0117 966 1675 for more information about our services.

When you’re branding your business, aesthetic is everything when it comes to any packaging you’re making use of. Branding through packaging comes in many forms, from your logo on the back of a receipt to branding plastered across paper bags, boxes, tissues & even cutlery. Think about fast food chains like KFC & McDonalds who brand everything from their straws to the sachets of salt. These are all clever ways of utilising empty real estate that would otherwise be blank, in order to further spread a brand image, conveying everything they can for you to see to relate to the business.

Recycled/Bio-degradable Packaging

Staying green is also important as the ethical use of packaging is in the public spotlight at the moment, with so many corporate initiatives to reduce the abundance of plastics & other consumer waste businesses produce. Look at Waitrose & Iceland for example, making progressive steps in reducing their use of plastics which will reduce overall consumer waste. It seems like it’s trendy for food establishments/restaurants to be eco-conscious when it comes to food packaging. This is why a lot of businesses will venture into recyclable/bio-degradable packaging as it makes for good marketing content as well as improving overall public image as it tells your customers that you’re looking at the bigger picture. It may seem a little shallow, but at the end of the day it’s for a good cause & does make a difference to how your customers perceive your business!

Even leading food chain, McDonald’s has taken big steps to incorporate recycling into their processes, making sure that by 2025 that all McDonald branches will have to recycle the waste that they can. This may not sound like much, but when it’s put into place in over 26,000 locations, it can really make a difference. They have made sure to use this to their advantage as they’ve received great press & publicity!

Why is Package Branding so important?

Branding on food packaging is extremely important due to the fact that it has the ability to convey your business in both a positive or negative way. When somebody views a packaged product and the product is extremely impressive in the way it is wrapped and presented, that person will want to discover the establishment to which this product has come from and purchase food from your restaurant. If the packed product looks undesirable or unprofessional, it can not lead to extra business because potential customers may be put off by the look of a product that has clearly not had much thought put into its presentation. Potential customers will be influenced by the look of the packaging and may judge the contents of the packaging based on how it appears. Because the packaging also contains your name or logo, it can also lead others to discover your business quickly and easily. Branding and marketing are quintessential in the catering and within the fish and chips industry in particular, therefore it is extremely important for food packaging to be unique and extremely professional.

Branded Takeaway Boxes Leeds

What does Wyatt & Ackerman provide?

Grease paper and bags are provided within our custom packaging to create a positive look and feel to your outlets. We supply a great range of trays, boxes, bags and cutlery for fish and chip shops. If you are also unsure of how to brand your business, we can also help with this! Having worked in the industry for years we understand how things have changed more than anyone. We can offer excellent advice on branding strategies which can easily lead to a cascade of new business in the long term.

How will the presentation of Fish & Chip food packaging change in the future?

Change in branding and food packaging is unlikely to have a great effect on increasing business in the short term however it will undeniably increase long-term business and custom. Having professional impressive takeaway packaging will increase the number of customers who wish to visit your establishment and also influence some customers (who may be put off by regular packaging) to purchase your product. If you are interested in creating your own brand with us or if you are interested in the potential benefits that custom packaging will bring to your business then do not hesitate to contact Wyatt & Ackerman for businesses in Leeds

If you’re an owner or someone who takes care of branding of a restaurant, takeaway or food chain then entrust Wyatt & Ackerman with professional packaging. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses across the UK & even internationally to provide professional food packaging. If you need packaging details then visit our page on – Food Packaging Leeds Call: 0117 966 1675 for more information from our helpful design & packaging team.

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