Developments In The Food Packaging Industry

Developments In The Food Packaging Industry

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Developments In The Food Packaging Industry – Wyatt & Ackerman

With more & more reports & studies revealing the damage that plastic causes to our environment, it’s vital that both companies and consumers can work together to produce & adopt something more viable. The idea of having something that is completely recyclable has always been the level manufacturers want to achieve but have been slow in developing. Recyclable packaging is apparent in the industry nowadays, but there is still a huge abundance in plastic use in terms of everyday products that are bought, used & disposed of. Single-use plastic packaging is a huge problem when we take a look at what materials are being thrown away. Plastic bottles being a huge cause of pollution, with millions of plastic bottles floating in our seas. If you would like to read more articles about Food Packaging please visit our page on – Food Packaging UKFood Packaging Wyatt & Ackerman

We now see a huge trend in the industry that is pushing the development of packaging. Food packaging is at the forefront of this development since it’s something that the majority of people use day to day. Whilst we do see positive trends in peoples choice to use recyclable packaging, there still isn’t enough on the market that negates the need for plastic. There has been a push in utilising food ingredients which shows an interesting trend in edible packaging. Inherently, edible materials will always be biodegradable, but it also offers a different dynamic to packaging we’ve never seen before. It could even open a dynamic of integrating food packaging with the food/product itself. The food industry has never seen something quite like this before, so it’s an interesting trend to follow. 

Our push for new packaging materials:

We at Wyatt & Ackerman appreciate developments in the packaging sector as it has a huge bearing on what we use as consumers. Packaging is used by everyone on some level, so it’s interesting, to say the least, to see how progressions in the industry will manifest in the consumer market. The concept of edible packaging has always been something that some companies have toyed with but it’s never been something that’s commercially viable. First, you have to consider contamination, since the edible packaging has to be preserved & transported in a way that won’t get contaminated during transportation. You then have to consider the packagings stability, since edible materials tend to degrade over time.

Will retailers/businesses have to worry about food packaging itself spoiling? Will displays in shops all have to be refrigerated in order to keep the packaging fresh? There are a plethora of questions that come from the idea of using edible packaging.

Research has shown that by using edible materials that can produce a film, forms can be made with said film to create packaging.  There are huge commercial and environmental potential in these experiments, and could end up shaping the future of food packaging as we know it.

For now, we know that the reserach into edible packaging is in it’s early stages, so we won’t be expecting any huge developments soon. Rest assured, there are studies being done to ensure that the future of food packaging doesn’t rely on plastic.

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