Branded Carrier Bags

Branded Carrier Bags

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Branded Bags For Your Business By Wyatt & Ackerman

Many people when they consider increasing brand awareness consider things like billboard advertising, and if the budget is big enough, radioing or even TV. However, these are all large-scale advertising, and not every business has the budget to do these things. This is where small-scale tactics are employed which has been proven to be as, if not more effective than the large scale formats.

Wyatt & Ackerman branded carrier bags to businesses across the UK from our head office in Bristol. Enquire now on: 0117 966 1675

branded carrier bags


Branded packaging can come in many formats. In this post we are going to specify with branded bags, as it has been a favourite of ourselves and many business that value brand awareness. Branded bags are an affordable but incredibly effective technique you can use for your business advertising as it allows for exposure and recognition of your business. They also provide a way of increasing generating popularity as the more the bags are distributed, the more popularity these formats will gain. Branded bags are also a canvas for creativity, so any logos, slogans, graphics and information about the business can be placed on the bag, giving your business a whole new dynamic.

The main advantage to branded bags is exactly that, so you are able to print your logo on bags that are given out when a product is purchased. The ability to use your logo on your own packaging symbolises a much more organised outfit, as well as a sense of establishment within the business which is always important. This is especially important for a new and upcoming business as you want to be placed on an equal playing field with every other competitor you have, and they will all most likely have branded packaging also. Unless you are trying to innovate a new form of packaging, branded bags are the easiest way to incorporate your brand into the “takeaway” packaging you are going to give away to the customer to carry the product home.

Keeping branding consistent is very important, as you want to retain the uniform aesthetic across all aspects of your business. Assuming you own a walk-in store, keeping in tone with the visual elements of your store, or your brand are key elements to consider when creating your branded packaging.

Another format you could consider are paper bags, as these offer you another huge range of benefits over plastic bags, although both forms have their individual places in the business sector. Most people wouldn’t think it, but paper bags are actually cheaper to print on, giving you more affordable options when considering branded packaging. Paper bags are also going to offer ample space for any designs you may want to print on the paper, so you can place all the contact information you want. Paper bags also have major connotations of a higher end of shopping, whereas plastic carrier bags are much more synonymous with supermarket shopping which might not be the look you want to be going for unless you are going for thicker plastic bags which could be an option of you are set on using plastic bags.

Wyatt & Ackerman bespoke carrier bags to businesses across the UK from our head office in Bristol. Enquire now on: 0117 966 1675

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